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 +====== Jeremiah Cleveland ======
 +Jeremiah Cleveland (Jan. 14, 1809 (in South Carolina) - June 27, 1892 (in Franklin County, Georgia))((http://​www.findagrave.com/​cgi-bin/​fg.cgi?​page=gr&​GRid=79707881)) and Clara Isbell Cleveland (Jan. 18, 1810 - Feb. 14, 1892)((http://​www.findagrave.com/​cgi-bin/​fg.cgi?​page=gr&​GRid=79708549)) were the parents of Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland (born Oct. 27, 1846).
 +Jeremiah and Clara Isbell Cleveland had the following children: ​
 +  - Nancy Elizabeth Cleveland Dickson (1833 - 1909)((http://​www.findagrave.com/​cgi-bin/​fg.cgi?​page=gr&​GRid=87769509))
 +  - Benjamin Jefferson Cleveland (1837 - 1907)((http://​www.findagrave.com/​cgi-bin/​fg.cgi?​page=gr&​GRid=104685801))
 +  - Sarah Margaret Cleveland Randall (1842 - 1936). After the death of her sister, Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland, Sarah Margaret Cleveland married [[ira_wilbur_randal|Ira Wilbur Randal]].
 +  - Mary E. Cleveland Hayes (1844 - 1916)((http://​www.findagrave.com/​cgi-bin/​fg.cgi?​page=gr&​GRid=88517312))
 +  - Lucinda Jane Cleveland Randall (1846 - 1878). On February 8, 1866, Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland married [[ira_wilbur_randal|Ira Wilbur Randal]].
 +  - Milton H. Cleveland (1850 - 1926)((http://​www.findagrave.com/​cgi-bin/​fg.cgi?​page=gr&​GRid=122115127))
 +  - Susan "​Susie"​ Cleveland Bellamy (1852 - 1911).((http://​www.findagrave.com/​cgi-bin/​fg.cgi?​page=gr&​GRid=65633151)) Married Henry Floyd Bellamy (1854 - 1937)((http://​www.findagrave.com/​cgi-bin/​fg.cgi?​page=gr&​GRid=6563309600))
 +[{{ :​jeremiah_cleveland:​jeremiah_cleveland-1870_census.jpg?​direct&​800 |1870 U.S. Census. Jeremiah Cleveland begins on line 15.}}]
 +<WRAP center round box 70%> ​
 +**1870 United States Federal Census**
 +State: Georgia \\
 +County: Franklin \\
 +Post Office: Carnsville \\
 +Date: July 21, 1870 \\
 +^ Name                ^ Age  ^ Sex^  ^Birthplace ​     ^ Occupation ^
 +| Jeremiah Cleveland ​ |  61  |  M  |  South Carolina ​ |  Farmer ​       |  ​
 +| Clara               ​| ​ 60  |  F  |  South Carolina ​ |  House Keeper ​ |
 +| Sarah               ​| ​ 27  |  F  |  Georgia ​        ​| ​               |
 +| Milton H.           ​| ​ 21  |  M  |  Georgia ​        ​| ​ Farm Laborer ​ |
 +| Susan R.            |  18  |  F  |  Georgia ​        ​| ​ At Home       |
 +| Isabell, Oliver F.  |  16  |  F  |  South Carolina ​ |                | 
 +| James R Hany        |   ​8 ​ |  M  |  Georgia ​        ​| ​ Farm Laborer ​ |
 +| Martha E Hany       ​| ​  ​4 ​ |  F  |  Georgia ​        ​| ​               |
 +Source: "​United States Census, 1870," Household ID: 1023 , Line Number: 15 , Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) , Affiliate Publication Number: M593 , GS Film number: 000545649 , Digital Folder Number: 004263446 , Image Number: 00281 </​WRAP>​
 +Note that Oliver F. Isabell was probably a typo on the part of the census taker. More likely his name was Oliver F. Isbell... a relative of Clara from South Carolina.
 + \\
 +[{{ :​jeremiah_cleveland:​jeramiah_cleveland-will.jpg?​direct&​800 |Transcript:​\\ ​
 +Jeremiah Cleveland'​s Will and Testiment\\ ​
 +State of Georgia \\
 +Franklin County \\ 
 +In the name of God. Amen. I, Jeremiah Cleveland of said State and County being of advanced age but of sound and disposing mind and memory knowing that I must shortly depart this life, deem it right and proper both as respecting my family and myself that I should make a disposition of the property with which a kind Provence has blessed me. I do therefore make this my last will testiment hereby revoking all others by me here to fore made. \\ 
 +Item 1st  I desire and direct that my body be buried in a decent and Christian like manner suitable to my circumstances and condition in life.\\ ​
 +2nd  I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay by Executors herein after named and appointed.\\ ​
 +3   I give, bequeath and devise to Clara during her lifetime all my property both real and personal. At her death, I direct and give as follows to wit:​\\ ​
 +4   I give to my son Milton H. Cleveland, Five Hundred Dollars, before there is any division of my estate.\\ ​
 +5   I give to each of my children (except Mrs. Mary Hayes, I give her five dollars, whom I consider I have already give more than an equal share) living, and if dead, to their heirs, an equal share in the remainder, after each heir pays its indebtedness to the estate.\\ ​
 +6   I hereby appoint and constitute my sons B.J. & M.H. Cleveland, and [[ira_wilbur_randal|Ira W. Randall]], Executors of this my last will and testament.\\ ​
 +This 7th October, 1890.  Jeremiah Cleveland\\ ​
 +Signed, sealed, declared, published by Jeremiah Cleveland as his last will and testament in the presence of us the undersigned,​ who subscribed our names hereto in the presence of testator at this special instance and request and in presence of each other.\\ ​
 +This 7th October, 1890.}}]
 +[{{ :​jeremiah_cleveland:​w_b_mitchell-guardianship.jpg?​direct&​800 |Transcript:​\\
 +Franklin Court of Ordinary, September Term. 1892.\\
 +In appearing to the Court in the matter of Probate of teh last will of Jeremiah Cleveland, in Solemn form, now appearing before this Court that W.R. Randall and O.R. Randall, minor heirs at law, have been duly cited and made parties to said case, ordered by the Court that W.B. Mitchell he coming into Court and expressing his willingness to act as such, be, and is hereby made Guardian ad litem to represent said W.R. Randall and O.R. Randall.\\
 +I hereby acknowledge notice of my appointment as Guardian ad litem of W.R. Randall and O.R. Randall minors, named in the within order and consent to act as such Guardian ad litem and waive all other notice of my appointment and the proceeding prior hereto. This Sept. 5th 1892.\\
 +W.B. Mitchell}}]
 +The W.B. Mitchell mentioned above, is likely William Bryant Mitchell, husband of [[elizabeth_j_randall|Elizabeth Jane Randall]] (daughter of Ira Wilbur Randal and Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland).

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