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Elizabeth Harvey Randal

Daughter of John (Bull) Randal & Hannah Harvey, Elizabeth Harvey Randal was born about 1804 in Stokes County, North Carolina.

When her father, John Bull, petitioned the North Carolina General Assembly to legally change his surname to “Randal” (his mother's maiden name), the petition also listed his wife (Hanna Harvey Bull – age 27) and their four children; Oney Cypress (age 7), John Leonard “Lenny” (age 3), Jackson Harvey (age 3) and Elisabeth H. (infant). The North Carolina General Assembly ratified the name change on December 22, 1803.

Shortly after changing his surname, John Randal moved his family to Franklin County, Georgia (prior to 1807).

During 1822, Elizabeth Harvey Randal married Rev. (“Elder”) Moses Hampton Denman (both approx. 20 years old) in Franklin County, Georgia. Moses Hampton Denman (b. May 8, 1803 in Franklin County) was the son of Christopher Denman and Nancy Morgan.

“Elder” Moses Denman had joined the Primitive Baptist Church when quite young, and began preaching in 1830. He was pastor of Cedar Grove Church in Bell county, Texas at the time of his death (in 1885).

Rev. (“Elder”) Moses Hampton Denman and Elizabeth had two known children (Albert H. Denman & Moses Harvey Denman), but may have had the following other children as well:

  1. Jackson H. Denman (January 05, 1824 - 1904) born in Franklin County, Georgia (married Ann W. Brisco, b: December 24, 1828 in Georgia)
  2. Felix Gilbert Denman (March 08, 1826 - Sept. 28, 1912) Born in Franklin County, Georgia. Buried in Brown County, Texas1)
  3. Ann Denman 1829 - (married a man named Kiser)
  4. William Pinkney Denman (March 28, 1835 - 1855) born in Franklin County, Gergia
  5. Albert H. Denman (Sept. 28, 1837 - Nov. 17, 1862)2) born in Franklin County, Gergia
  6. Moses Harvey Denman (Oct. 1839 - Jul. 23, 1905) born in Cobb County, Georgia.3)
  7. Mary Jane Denman (1842 - 1860) Born in Cobb County, GA (married a man named Kramer)
  8. Elizabeth H. Denman (May 03, 1845 - ) Born in Cobb County, GA (married a man named McMinn)
  9. Octavia Denman (1847 - 1855) Born in Cobb County, GA

1850 United States Federal Census

State: Texas
County: Cherokee
Date: Nov. 9, 1850

Name Age SEX Occupation Birthplace
M H Denman 47 M B. Minister Georgia
Elizabeth Denman 46 F North Carolina
William P Denman 15 M Georgia
Albert H Denman 13 M Georgia
Moses H Denman 11 M Georgia
Mary P Denman 8 F Georgia
Elizabeth H Denman 6 F Georgia
Octavia L A Denman 3 F Georgia

Source: “United States Census, 1850,” index and images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/MXLV-T9T : accessed 26 January 2015), M H Denman, Cherokee county, Cherokee, Texas, United States; citing family 554, NARA microfilm publication M432 (Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.).

1850 Census (dated Nov. 9, 1850). Moses Hampton Denman's family begins on line 32.

Although a specific date is not known as to when Rev. Moses Hampton Denman and Elizabeth moved to Texas (some time between 1847 and 1850), the “1850 United States Federal Census” shows that they were in Cherokee County, TX by Nov. 9, 1850. Other reports show them in in Houston county, Texas by 1858.

1860 United States Federal Census

State: Texas
County: Houston
Township or other Division of County: Beat No 2

Name Age SEX Occupation Birthplace
M H Denman 57 M B. Minister Georgia
Elizabeth Denman 56 F North Carolina
Albert H Denman 22 M Georgia
Elizabeth H Denman 15 F Georgia

Source: “United States Census, 1860,” index, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/MXFN-KYP : accessed 26 January 2015), M H Denman, Beat No 2, Houston, Texas, United States; from “1860 U.S. Federal Census - Population,” Fold3.com; citing p. 48, household ID 310, NARA microfilm publication M653, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, D.C.; FHL microfilm 805,297.

Elizabeth died January 19, 1861. According to Roy Smith, editor of “The Cemetery Book of Houston County”, graves as early as Elizabeth's will have no record. Houston was the first county established in the Texas Republic and early records were not kept. There are hundreds of rural properties with one or two graves — many with unmarked stones.4) However, some have speculated that Elizabeth died in either Randolph, Texas or Crockett, Texas (Houston County).

After Elizabeth's death, her son, Albert H. Denman, joined the CSA 13th Cavalry Regiment (Unit F), organized at Crockett, Texas, during the winter of 1861-1862 with about 900 men. Some of its members were from Centerville, Crockett, Madisonville. In the summer of 1862 it was dismounted and later assigned to O. Young's and Waul's Brigade in the Trans-Mississippi Department.5) On November 17, 1862, Albert H. Denman died from disease; 6)7) and is buried in the “Camp Nelson Confederate Cemetery”. 8)

Similarly, during early 1862 her son Moses Harvey Denman joined the CSA 28th Texas Calvary Regiment (where his Uncle (Elizabeth's brother), Dr. John L. Randal, served as regimental surgeon. The 28th Texas Calvary Regiment was organized and commanded by his cousin (Dr. John L. Randal's son), Col. Horace Randall. Moses Harvey Denman married Ruth Ella Morrison (Dec. 21, 1855 - April 11, 1937).9) They had one child:

  • Edward Hubbard Denman (Dec. 27, 1892 - Sep. 29, 1968)10)

Seven years after Elizabeth's death, Moses, now age 65, married his second wife, 20 year old Laura Ann McMinn (Sep. 4, 1848 - Dec. 19, 1929).11) They were married on April 18, 1868 in Rusk, Cherokee Co, TX. They had one known child:

  • Rebecca Josephine Denman (May 13, 1876 - Dec. 27, 1903)12), she married James R. Walker (1869 - 1950).13)

Rev. (“Elder”) Moses Hampton Denman died on February 24, 1885 in Belton, (Bell County) Texas; and is buried in Resthaven Cemetary (located in Belton, (Bell County) Texas.14) Similarly, Laura Ann McMinn Denman (Sep. 4, 1848 - Dec. 19, 1929) is also buried in Resthaven Cemetary (located in Belton, (Bell County) Texas.

Rev. (“Elder”) Moses Hampton Denman. b. May 8, 1803 - d. February 24, 1885
This same photo appearing with a different caption. Source: The John H Wootters Crockett Public Library Houston County History
There is a great deal of confusion among genealogists in distinguishing between Rev. (“Elder”) Moses Hampton Denman and his son, Moses Harvey Denman. So great care should be taken when researching these two individuals.

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