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Ira Wilbur Randal

Son of Oney Cypress Randal and Susannah (her full name may be “Susannah W. Wilkins”), Ira Wilbur Randal was born May 4, 1839 in Franklin Co., GA.

Ira Wilbur Randal enlisted in the Confederate Army as a Private in the Georgia Co. H, 24th Infantry Regiment, also called “The Currahee Rangers”, on August 24, 1861 in Habersham County, Georgia.1) 2) 3)4) 24th Infantry Regiment, Company Muster Roll listing Ira W. Randal.

During the time that Ira Randal was active, the Georgia 24th Infantry participated in:

  • Skirmish, Warwick Road, VA. April 05, 1862
  • Siege, Yorktown, VA. April 05 - May 4, 1862
  • Engagement, Lee's Mills, Burnt Chimneys, Dam No. 1, VA. April 16, 1862
  • Evacuation, Yorktown, VA. May 4, 1862
  • Skirmish, Ellison's Mills near Mechanicsville, VA. May 23, 1862
  • Battle, Seven Pines, Fair Oaks, VA. May 31 - June 01, 1862
  • Seven Days Battles June 25 - July 01, 1862

Ira was wounded in combat during the Battle of Savage's Station at Savage Station, VA, on June 29, 1862, necessitating the amputation of his right arm.

[Muster Roll of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry, 24th Regiment, Company H, containing details concerning Ira W. Randall.]

Complete Muster Roll of the Georgia Volunteer Infantry, 24th Regiment, Company H.

Consequently, he was issued a “Certificate of Disability for Discharge” on July 22, 1862.

I certify that the within named I. W. Randal, a private of Captain G.W. Keelings’ Company H, 24 Regiment Confederate Volunteers, born in the County of Habersham, State of Georgia, age twenty three years, five feet nine inches high, fair complexion, blue eyes, and by occupation a farmer, was enlisted by Capt. John H. Mosely at Currahee Habersham County the State of Georgia on the 24th day of August 1861 to serve for the war and is now entitled to discharge by reason of amputation of his right arm. The said I.W. Randal was last paid by Capt. A.S. Turner AQ,MS,G,A, to include the first day of March 1862 and has pay due him from that date to the 28th day of July 1862. There is due him fifty four 27/100 dollars for Services rendered and twenty five dollars compensation for six months clothing. There is due him three dollars traveling allowance from Walhalla Pickens District State of South Carolina to Currahee, the place of his Enlistment thirty miles transportation not being furnished. \\
 Given in duplicate this July 28th 1862 \\
G.W. Keeling, Capt. Commanding Company ]

From his letter of discharge we also know that at 23 years old Ira W. Randal stood 5'9“ tall, had a fair complexion and blue eyes.

After the war, Ira (at age 26) married Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland (age 19) on February 8, 1866 in Franklin, County, GA. Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland (born Oct. 27, 1846) was the daughter of Jeremiah Cleveland (Jan. 14, 1809 - Jun. 27, 1892)5) and Clara Isbell Cleveland (Jan. 18, 1810 - Feb. 14, 1892)6). “Franklin County Marriage Records, 1864-1869” (page 18) located at the Franklin County Historical Society, Carnesville, GA.

[Transcript: \\
Georgia \\ 
Franklin County \\
To any Minister of the Gospel, Judge, Justice of the Inferior Court or Justice of the Peace.\\
You are hereby authorized to join in Holy Matrimony Mr. Ira W. Randal and Miss Lule J. Cleveland according to the Constitution and Laws of this State, and for so doing this shall be given sufficient license. Given under my hand and official signature this 6th day of February 1866.\\
A.J. Morris  D.C. Ordinary \\
Georgia \\
Franklin County \\
I certify that the above named parties were duly joined in Matrimony by me this 8th day of February 1866.\\
(name) M.G. (Minister of God) \\
Source Citation: "Franklin County Marriage Records, 1864-1869" (page 18) located at the Franklin County Historical Society, Carnesville, GA]

Ira and Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland had the following children:

  1. Mary Lou Randall (Nov. 26, 1866 - March 13, 1941)7)
  2. William Reeves Randall (April 26, 1872 - Sept. 29, 1903)10)11)
  3. Susan Viola Randall (June 26, 1876 - Aug. 12, 1877)12)13)

We see from the 1870 U.S. Census that Ira and his family were living next door to his mother, Susannah (listed on the Census as “Susan”). Also, Oney Pickney Randall with his new wife, Elizabeth, and 9 month old daughter, Ida Alice Randall, were living with Susannah.

[1870 U.S. Census. Ira W. Randall's family begins at line 4.]

1870 United States Federal Census

State: Georgia
County: Franklin
Post Office: Goodwill
Date: July 19, 1870

Name Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
Ira W Randall M 31 Georgia Merchant
Jane Randall F 23 Georgia Keeping House
Mary L Randall F 3 Georgia
Elizabeth Randall F 1 Georgia

Source: “United States Census, 1870”

After the death of Oney Cypress Randal (on died April 3, 1854), Ira's brother, James Ronald Randal had been administering their father's Will. However, James resigned as Administrator and Ira accepted the role to continue administering Oney's Will on Dec. 2, 1872.

Ira W. Randal Letters \\
State of Georgia\\
Franklin County\\
By the Court of Ordinary of said County\\
To all whom these .... shall come - Greetings.\\
.... that on this third day of April in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty four, the last will and testament of Oney Randal, late of Franklin County deceased, was exhibited in open court and in due form of law .... and admitted to record, a copy of which is hereunto annexed, and Administration of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of said deceased was granted to James Randal the Executor in and by said will named and appointed and said James Randal having resigned his ...., and Ira W. Randal having been appointed as Administrator he comes now with the will annexed. And he having first taken the oath and performing all other requisites required by law, he is by order of said Court and by virtue of these presents legally authorized to administer the goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased according to the .... and effect of the said Will and Testament and according to law. And he is hereby .... to tender a true and perfect inventory of all and singular item goods, chattels and credits of the said deceased , .... affirmed and returned to this Court according to law, and to render a true and correct account to the said Court of his actings and doings yearly and every year until his administration is fully completed.\\
Witness my hand as Ordinary and the seal of said Court this 2nd day of December 1872\\
A.J. Morris  Ordinary \\
Source Citation: Franklin County "Letters of Administration, 1869-1899" (page 36) located at the Franklin County Historical Society, Carnesville, GA.]

Ira and Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland's fourth child, S. V. Randall (June 26, 1876 - Aug. 12, 1877)14) died in infancy (at almost 14 months old) and was buried in the Ira Wilbur Randall family plot at Martin Community Cemetery, Martin, (Stephens County) Georgia.15)

[Tombstone inscribed: "S. V. Randall. Born June 26, 1876. Died Aug. 12, 1877."]

Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland Randall died on April 16, 1878 (approx. 6 months after S.V. Randall died) and was also buried in the family plot at “Martin Community Cemetery”, Martin (Stephens County), Georgia.

[Tombstone for Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland Randall inscribed: "In Memory of Mrs. L.J. Randall. Wife of J.W. Randall. Born Oct. 27, 1846. Married Feb.  8, 1866. Died April 16, 1878".][Complete tombstone -  Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland Randall (Oct. 27, 1846 - April 16, 1878).]16)

Ira then married Sarah Margaret Cleveland (Lucinda (Lule) Jane Cleveland's sister). This was supported by the 1880 U.S. Census where Sarah M. Randall is recorded as Ira's wife.

It also appears from the 1880 U.S. Census that Ira adopted four children that Sarah Margaret had from a previous marriage:

  1. Elisabeth J. Randall
  2. Fannie L. Randall (who married Fletcher Gilbert)
  3. William R. Randall
  4. Richard O. Randall

[1880 U.S. Census. Ira W. Randall's family begins at line 28.]

1880 United States Federal Census

State: Georgia
County: Franklin
Township or other Division of County: Gum Log
Date: June 14, 1880

Name Relation Gender Age Birthplace Occupation
Ira W Randall Self M 41 Georgia Farmer
Sarah M Randall Wife F 37 Georgia Housekeeper
Mary L Randall Daughter F 13 Georgia In School
Elisabeth J Randall Daughter F 11 Georgia In School
Fannie L Randall Daughter F 9 Georgia In School
William R Randall Son M 8 Georgia In School
Richard O Randall Son M 6 Georgia In School

Source: “United States Census, 1880”, District: 30 , Sheet Number and Letter: 573A , GS Film Number: 1254147 , Digital Folder Number: 004240140 , Image Number: 00431

Ira Wilbur Randall died May 15, 1898 (at age 59) and was buried in the Ira Wilbur Randall family plot at “Martin Community Cemetery”, Martin, (Stephens County) Georgia. (Ref: Find A Grave Memorial# 79702484).17)

[Tombstone inscribed: "Ira W. Randall. Born May 4, 1839. Died May 15, 1898."][Full tombstone of Ira W. Randall (May 4, 1839 - May 15, 1898)] [Gravestone inscribed: "Ira W. Randall, PVT CO H 24 GA Infantry. Confederate States Army. May 4, 1839 - May 15, 1898. Currahee Rangers."]

In the 1930 U.S. Federal Census we find Sarah M. Randall living in DeKalb County, Georgia with her sister-in law, Mary J. Cleveland (widow of Sarah's brother, Benjamin Cleveland).

1930 United States Federal Census

State: Georgia
County: DeKalb
Township or other Division of County: Militia District 0531

Name Relation Marital Status Gender Age Birthplace
Mary J. Cleveland Head Widowed F 79 South Carolina
Robert Cleveland Son Married M 48 Georgia
Sarah Randall Sister-in-law Widowed F 87 Georgia
Fred M Aiken Boarder Single M 22 Georgia
Harry Cleveland Grandson Single M 24 Georgia

Source: “United States Census, 1930”, District: 0004 , Sheet Number and Letter: 27A , Household ID: 615 , Line Number: 48 , Affiliate Name: The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) , Affiliate Publication Number: T626 , Affiliate Film Number: 351 , GS Film number: 2340086 , Digital Folder Number: 004531905 , Image Number: 01138

Sarah Margaret Cleveland Randall died on Dec. 26, 1936 (at age 94) and was buried in the Ira Wilbur Randall family plot at “Martin Community Cemetery”, Martin, (Stephens County) Georgia.18)

[Tombstone inscribed: "Sarah M. Randall. Wife of Ira W. Randall. Dec. 14, 1842 - Dec. 26, 1936".][Full Tombstone for Sarah Margaret Cleveland Randall (Dec. 14, 1842 - Dec. 26, 1936)]

[Ira Wilbur Randall family plot at "Martin Community Cemetery", Martin, (Stephens County) Georgia.]


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