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Richard Clarke Randall

Oldest son of Walter Clarke Randall and Shirley Patricia "Patt" Ann Brady, Richard Clarke Randall, known to friends and family as “Rick”, was born in Toccoa (Stephens County), Georgia on January 17, 1959.

Initially, Rick's family lived in a house built above his grandfathers welding company (at 119 Brady St., Toccoa, GA 30577-1803), where both his father and mother worked. The welding company was owned by Ernest Lawton Brady (father of Shirley Patricia "Patt" Ann Brady). During his early childhood, the family had a black & White TV (with no remote control). Rick primarily remembered Clarke watching “Combat!” (1962-1967) and the family watching “The Jackie Gleason Show” (re-runs). But his favorite TV show was “Mr. Ed” (1958-1966). One of Rick's earliest memories was watching news coverage of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (on November 22, 1963)… and the following Presidential funeral. Although just over 4 years old, this had an impact on Rick… just as it did the entire nation.

For four years Rick was the only grandchild, so he spend many days… and weekends… visiting his grandparents, Walter Baxter "Dub" Randall & Sara Ann Clarke Randall (affectionately known as “Mama Sarah”)in at their home on Rainbow Drive, Lavonia, GA; which was about 30 minutes away from his home in Toccoa, GA. Rick continued to spend time with his grandparents for a few years after his brother, Mark was born. During his time with Walter Baxter "Dub" Randall & Sara Ann Clarke Randall, he was “treated” to traditional farmer meals… often consisting of Collard Greens, Black Eyed Peas, Corn Bread, and Mama Sarah's “Sweet Green Tomato Pickles” ( "Sliced Green Tomato Pickles" recipe). Rick especially enjoyed a mixture of Black Eyed Pea mixed with torn pieces of Corn Bread and doused with “Sweet Green Tomato Pickle” juice.

After the birth of his brother, Walter Mark Randall, Clarke built a house 1 block away at 158 Patsy Drive, Toccoa, GA 30577. The family moved there when Rick was about 7 years old (during 1966). After moving to Patsy Drive, the family bought a color TV with a remote control. Rick enjoyed watching such TV shows as (at this time there was no cable TV… only antenna TV): “The Rifleman” (1958-1963, re-runs), “The Beverly Hillbillies” (1962-1971), “Shock Theater” (1963-1966, on Saturday afternoons), “The Outer Limits” (1963-1965, re-runs), “The Munsters” (1964-1966), “Flipper” (1964-1967), “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” (1964-1968), “F Troop” (1965-1967), “Lost in Space” (1965-1968), “The Time Tunnel” (1966-1967), “Hogan's Heros” (1965-1971), “The Rat Patrol” (1966-1968), and of course, Star Trek“ (1966-1969).

At that time, Toccoa, Georgia had a single movie theater (the “Ritz”, capable of showing only one movie at a time). Sometimes the entire family would go out to see a movie (such as Thunderball (1965)). But most often, Rick would ask to be left at the “Ritz” to watch movies during Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Consequently, he saw a mix of kid's movies - and movies intended for more mature audiences (many of which became movie “classics”). Some of the movies he saw there were: The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (1966), The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966), The Jungle Book (1967), The Reluctant Astronaut (1967), The Vulture (1967), Planet of the Apes (1968), Blackbeard's Ghost (1968), The Green Berets (1968), Yellow Submarine (1968), Night of the Living Dead (1968), The Shakiest Gun in the West (1968), Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969), The Undefeated (1969), True Grit (1969), Airport (1970), MASH (1970), Patton (1970), Little Big Man (1970), The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971) & The Omega Man (1971).

[Richard Clarke Randall - Photo taken in January 2013 (age 54).] When Rick began attending “Toccoa Elementary School”, he had difficulty learning to read (perhaps due to a poor teaching strategy at “Toccoa Elementary School”), so he was tutored after school by his Great Aunt Cora Ledbetter (sister of his Grandfather, Ernest Lawton Brady), who was a retired school teacher. Perhaps due to this tutelage, during the 2nd & 3rd Grade Rick developed a passion for reading comic books… particularly those with World War II story lines, such as ”Sgt. Rock“ & ”Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos“. This also led to him reading well over 100 of the traditional classic works at an early age through the ”Classic Illustrated“ comic book adaptations.

This success of his Great Aunt Cora Ledbetter, where the teachers at “Toccoa Elementary School” failed (blaming Rick's mediocre performance on a preference for other distractions), led to his mother transfering him to begin 4th Grade at “Big A Elementary School”. Although it was further from his home, Rick immediately excelled in his school work there. Experiencing this stark difference between schools helped influence Rick to become a supporter of School Choice later in life.

Also during his childhood, Rick became an accomplished equestrian riding English and Western. His Aunt, DeLores Jane Brady (his mother's sister), owned a nearby stable where Rick developed his riding skills. Rick showed Tennessee Walking horses and won many ribbons during his early teen years. During 1972, Richard Randall served as a ”Legislative Page“ at the Georgia State Legislature, where he and his brother, Mark Randall, met Governor (and future U.S. President), Jimmy Carter. Rick was also active in first the Cub Scouts, and then the Boy Scouts of America, where he became a member of the ”Order of the Arrow“. During this time, Rick spent quite a bit of time with his uncle, John Willard Smith (husband of DeLores Jane Brady). After Rick received a .22 caliber M-1 style rifle, John, known to Rick as “Johnny”, often took Rick squirrel hunting. Later, when in High School, Rick would occasionally go squirrel hunting with his friend, Chuck Bentley.

Rick received a small Honda 50cc motorcycle for Christmas one year. Later, Rick received a Yamaha 90cc trail bike and then a Yamaha 125cc trail bike. When he grew older, he enjoyed “off-road” motorcycling with his father (Walter Clarke Randall). They would enjoy “off-road” motorcycling almost every weekend during the 1973-1975 time frame. Initially this was Rick, his father, and several of his father's friends. Later, they were joined by his younger brother, Walter Mark Randall. They typically rode in the Yonah Dam area, up Panther creek, along the Tugaloo river area to the Tallulah Falls / Talulah Gorge area (often following old logging roads). Sometimes crossing over into South Carolina. Throughout his High School years, trail riding with his brother was one of Ricks favorite after-school & weekend activities. During this time, the family rented a house on Lake Rabun every summer. Walter Clarke Randall had bought a ski boat, so Rick and his brother, Walter Mark Randall, were quick to learn how to water ski. After initially learning to ski using two skis, they both soon graduated to slalom water skiing. During 1975 the Randall family shared a lake house called “The Chalet” with Neil Pruitt's family.

While in High School, Rick took an interest in playing electric guitar – with David Byargeon (Guitar), Terry McCurry (Bass) & David Smith (Drums). Heavily influenced by the style of Eddie Van Halen, Rick played guitar in several small rock groups during his late teens, twenties and early thirties. During his late teens, Rick attended several Rock Concerts… seeing over 50 major bands in concert including: Aerosmith, Atlanta Rhythm Section, Bad Company, Black Sabbath, Boston, The Cars, Dixie Dregs, The Doobie Brothers, KISS (the first band he ever saw in concert, at the Atlanta Omni - which no longer exists), Molly Hatchet, Mother's Finest, Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon, Rush, Styx & Van Halen. He also took his brother, Walter Mark Randall, to see his first concert… actually a Rock Concert festival in Atlanta, called “Champagne Jam” (featuring Atlanta Rhythm Section).

During Rick's later teen years, his Father, Walter Clarke Randall allowed Rick to borrow his white International Harvester "Scout" (an off-road vehicle that was the precursor to what would later be called SUVs). Later, he bought Rick his first car, a cream colored Monte Carlo. Richard Clarke Randall attended Stephens County High School in Toccoa, Georgia, graduating in 1977.

Invention of the Handheld Calculator
[Radio Shack EC-498 Calculator with black case] While many inventions led up to the hand-held or pocket electronic calculator, Texas Instruments (TI) is officially recognized for inventing the first pocket electronic calculator in 1967. Prior to their invention, the smallest calculators were desktop calculators with a size similar to an adding machine. In 1972, Hewlett Packard introduced the HP-35, the first “scientific” pocket calculator available for a cost of $135 (which equates to $776.91 in 2016 dollars).

While attending High School (1974-1977) Rick was taught to use a ”Slide Rule“ for calculations. Within a few years the market was flooded with affordable “hand-held” (or “pocket”) calculators. However, because handheld calculators were new, and even though some students had them, teachers would often ban them from being used in class! Because adoption of handheld calculators quickly became widespread, Rick never encountered anyone outside of the classroom using a “Slide Rule”.

In 1980, Rick bought a Radio Shack “LCD Scientific” calculator (model EC-498). Shortly thereafter, he bought a Texas Instruments model TI-54 scientific calculator.

After High School, Rick returned to work at “BMR Fabricators” (June 25, 1977 thru October 15, 1977) earning just $2.50/Hour. He then accepted a position at Coats & Clarke, Inc. as a “Product Handler”. During this time he traded the Monte Carlo for a newer dark green Chevrolet Camero. He worked 3rd Shift at Coats & Clark, Inc. from November 27, 1977 thru September 9, 1979, when he quit to attend Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia (at age 20). He moved into the dormitory at Truett-McConnell College where he shared a room with Mark Fowler.

He “totaled” the dark green Camero one Friday while driving from Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia, to Toccoa, Georgia – to attend Christy Bullock's birthday party (Rick and Christy would later date from early 1978 until late 1983). As he and a couple of friends, including Mark Fowler, were driving along Antioch Church Road, a pick-up truck loaded with apples had drifted into Ricks lane. The driver of the pick-up truck had been having a heart attack. The collision was at an angle damaging the drivers side front and rear of the Camero. While Rick and his friends experienced no serious injuries, from that point forward, Mark Fowler always had trouble with his knees (which had slammed into the glove compartment, destroying it).

Clarke used the insurance money to then purchase Rick a brown Chevrolet Camero. During December of 1979 (from Dec. Dec. 14 - 28, 1979) he briefly returned to work at “BMR Fabricators” to earn money between College Quarters. He then returned to Truett-McConnell College for one more quarter (January - March 1980) before quitting (citing no clear direction as the reason). He returned to Toccoa and began working at Patterson Pump, Co. as a drill press operator (from August 1980 thru September 1982).

It was during the summer of 1982 that he decided to pursue a technical degree at North Georgia Technical and Vocational School (now named North Georgia Technical College) in Clarksville, Georgia. He began attending North Georgia Technical and Vocational School during October 1982. It was here that he received his first “formal” training in computers… on a TRS-80. Because North Georgia Technical and Vocational School was a relatively short distance from Toccoa, Rick commuted to Clarksville daily… often traveling there with his friend, Chuck Bentley. And with a more clear direction toward his education, he resumed taking night courses offered by Truett-McConnell College on the North Georgia Technical and Vocational School (January - August 1984), in order to also earn an Associate Degree from Truett-McConnell College in conjunction with his technical “Degree in Electronic Technology” from (in September, 1984), graduating with honors.

After class at North Georgia Technical and Vocational School, Rick would arrive home and relax playing PacMan (Patt's favorite video game) on the families Atari 2600 Game Console with his mother (Patt). His brother (Walter Mark Randall) would typically arrive home a few minutes later and join in the game.

During his time at North Georgia Technical and Vocational School, Rick was twice awarded the ”Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership“ - first in April, 1983 and again in March, 1984. Richard Clarke Randall also obtained an FCC “General Telephone Operator License” # PG-6-8438, Issued August 9, 1984. During the same period Rick attended evening classes to earn an “A.A.S Electronic Sciences” degree (March 1985) from Truett-McConnell College in Cleveland, Georgia.

Work career

General Electric

Prior to graduating from North Georgia Technical and Vocational School (now named North Georgia Technical College), Rick, and his “Lab Partner”, Marty Connoly, were both offered jobs as an Instrument Technician / Metrologist for General Electric at “GE Electronic Services” located in Norcross, GA. Shorty after graduation, Rick and Marty began working for General Electric in September, 1984. Rick and Marty lived temporarily (2 or 3 weeks), with Marty's brother; who was a police officer in Gwninett County, Georgia. During October, 1984, Rick and Marty - along with Marty's former Dorm room-mate, Curtis Meyers, moved to “Sunrise Village Apartments” (at 3251-F Sunrise Village Lane), Norcross, GA 30093 (a suburb of Atlanta). Because none of them had earned any credit at that point in their lives, Rick's Father, Walter Clarke Randall co-signed their lease.

It was shortly after this that Richard Randall took his first airline flight… on Eastern Airlines from Atlanta, GA to Jacksonville, FL. This trip was to assist a team of GE calibration technicians traveling through Florida calibrating communications equipment for a telephone company. It was during a work day at GE in Norcross, GA that Rick and the staff there witnessed the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster on January 28, 1986. During December 1986, with increased income, Rick, Curtis & Marty moved to a nicer gated apartment community, “Chelsea Park Village” (at 3372-C Chelsea Park, Norcross, GA 30092). Rick also upgraded his car to a 1984 black Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

Adoption of the Microwave Oven
In 1986, using a company discount, Rick bought a GE microwave oven (which he used until he gave it away in 2011 - preferring to use a toaster oven). By 1986, roughly 25% of households in the U.S. owned a microwave oven, up from only about 1% in 1971.1)

The NABET strike at NBC

[WRC-TV Channel 4 logo (including the NBC peacock logo that was updated in 1986)] On June 29, 1987, NABET (National Association of Broadcast Engineers and Technicians) took its 2,800 workers on strike from NBC-TV (owned by General Electric). This threatened to cripple NBC-TV as this was 1/3 of the network's total work force. A desperate GE quickly sent a small number of technicians from around the country to various NBC studios (Los Angeles, New York & Washington D.C.) to keep the network operating through the strike. Richard Randall, and his co-worker (and room mate) Marty Connoly, were sent to WRC-TV (channel 4) studios in Washington D.C., where many popular TV news and political shows were filmed. The GE Technicians typically worked 12 hour shifts for two weeks, were allowed to fly home for a couple of days, then returned to repeat the process until the strike ended. Rick recalled that the first month of the strike was obviously “scary” for GE management. Many politicians and Hollywood actors supported the NABET strike through refusing to cross the “picket line”… forcing the studio to send out mobile camera units with NBC interviewers / reporters to neutral locations… such as hotels. But after the ratings and financial numbers came in… GE management realized that it had the upper hand. Not only was programming continuing to take place… it was taking place with FEWER errors than the NABET technicians had been achieving! And NBC-TV was saving millions of dollars as they allowed the strike to continue! Through using a “strong-arm” tactic, NABET had revealed itself to be a “paper dragon” (an organization that had appeared powerful, but was actually powerless and ineffectual).

During the second month of the NABET strike, Rick recalled that GE took advantage of the NABET personnel being absent to implement a series of improvements in the WRC-TV studios in Washington D.C. (which would be difficult to put in place once the strike ended). For example, studios were renovated, new TV cameras were purchased and installed while other video equipment was updated. At that point, it became obvious to us (internally) that GE had no interest in ending the strike until these improvements were completed throughout all of the NBC network studios!

During the strike, Richard Randall worked with TV personalities such as Katie Couric, Dave Marash, Jim Vance & George Michael (host of George Michael's “Sports Machine”). And he met several NBC-TV actors. The most memorable was Suzanne Somers, who was there to promote her new TV show, ”She's the Sheriff“ (which was an absolutely terrible TV show… later ranked #44 on TV Guide's “50 Worst TV Shows of All Time”). During her visit, Suzanne Somers, spent several hours touring the studio meeting and chatting with staff. She was gracious, genuine, friendly, and left everyone she met feeling truly positive!

118 days after the strike began, it ended on October 24, 1987… leaving NABET with a “watered-down” three-year contract and assurances that staff levels would be reduced by 200 immediately (ironically, job security was a central issue in the strike). M.S. Rukeyser, executive vice president of corporate communications for NBC, said the walkout proved that NBC had been overstaffed to begin with. “There will be roughly 200 layoffs, half in direct relationship to the sale of the (several network-owned radio stations) and half who are considered superfluous, based on our experience during the strike,” he said. “The strike was a laboratory in which we could see how many people it actually takes to do these jobs.” Before GE acquired NBC and replaced president Grant Tinker with GE executive Robert Wright, Tinker ordered a “functional analysis” of the network to determine whether the network was overstaffed. “The company, not surprisingly, found a number of jobs we could do without,” Rukeyser said. “Following that, we reduced staff by 400 to 500 jobs, but NABET was not involved in that because we were in the process of working on a new contract with the union. Then NABET took its people out on strike and gave us a 17-week lab to actually test the situation.”

The strike cost the union $700,000 a month in strike benefits and striking workers an estimated $44 million in lost wages. “Our members put up a gallant fight, but it was a long strike,” said NABET international vice president John Clark. “We certainly didn't get the contract we hoped for when we went out on strike. We did get certain improvements, but I'd say we lost more than we gained. This is a very disappointing package.”

After the strike ended, the “Chicago Tribune” printed an article quoting one striker in New York, who asked not to be identified, stating: “Programming suffered at the network. The whole operation suffered. Equipment was allowed to go without maintenance. Whenever it broke down, they just left it there and used backup gear. Now they`re going to have to clean up all that mess, and that`s going to cost all kinds of overtime.” Rick stated that, with “first-hand experience”, that the comments from the striker were without any merit what-so-ever. “Sure. There were breakdowns… and sabotaged equipment. For example, we found equipment where NABET technicians had strategically applied electrical tape over specific connecting points on circuit boards to make them not function properly”, Rick said, “And we repaired them all. If anything, we left far more equipment operating correctly than we had found when we arrived!”

Rick also noted that the GE Technicians were amazed at how little actual work the NABET technicians had been expected to perform, saying “Each of us was typically performing work that had required 6 or 7 NABT technicians… and we were doing that work with ease.”

While the general public didn't become aware of how mainstream media manufactured massive amounts of “Fake News” until 2016, after his time at NBC, Rick rarely watched mainstream News because he had seen massive amounts of “Fake News” being fabricated by Producers and Reporters at NBC… in 1987.

In addition to bonus monies for his role in keeping NBC operating throughout the NABET strike, Rick received praise from NBC Executives & bonuses in the way of GE Stock.

[Letter from Larry Tomkins (Director of Sales at WRC-TV), to Dan Hatchel; the Manager over the group that Rick worked with at GE.]

[Letter to Richard C. Randall, from [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Wright|Robert C. Wright]], NBC President and CEO from 1986 to 2001.]

Promotion to GE Management

During December, 1989, Randall was promoted to the position of National Quality Assurance Specialist for G.E. Electronic Services and Rental / Lease. Then, during July, 1990 (shortly after his marrying Lee Ormond Wade, on June 9, 1990), Randall was promoted to the position of National Quality Manager overseeing 20 G.E. Electronic Services calibration and repair centers. Randall directed all of these facilities through ISO 9002 registration by NQA-USA. During this time, Richard Randall flew (primarily on American Airlines) to all of the facilities that he oversaw… primarily performing internal quality audits preparing each site for ISO 9001 registration.

[IBM Personal Computer XT 286] While as a Metrologist, Rick had used an IBM PS/2, model 25 computer (running MS-DOS) to type Calibration Certificates and calibration data, upon accepting his new position, he was finally able to regularly work on a computer. The standard GE software package included OfficeWriter (a Word Processor) & SuperCalc (for spreadsheets). Rick bought his own home PC; an IBM Personal Computer XT 286 in order to become more proficient with these computer programs. While the IBM Personal Computer XT 286 had been discontinued during April 1987, it was still in use at GE - and was easily affordable for Rick. Very soon afterward, with help from a former co-worker named Rick Doberstein - who had an early passion for assembling computers, he upgraded his computer to an Intel 386, then an Intel 486 & an Intel 586 CPU. About the time that Rick bought his first computer, dial-up Internet (extremely slow by modern standards) had become widely available for home users… and Rick was quick to subscribe (although there was little online content at that time, Bulletin Board Systems quickly became popular). Soon afterward, Microsoft Windows 3.02) was released on May 22, 1990, finally providing a WYSIWYG interface for PCs. Rick then learned Microsoft Word 2.0 and Microsoft Excel. This OS was soon followed by Windows 3.13) during April 1992, and Windows 95 released on August 24, 1995.

During the week of Dec. 9-12, 1991, Rick attended a “Assessors of Quality Systems - Lead Auditor” course offered by Kennedy & Donkin Quality Engineering in Boston, MA. This allowed him to apply, and become, an IQA certified “ISO 9000 Auditor”.

Cigarette Smoking on Commercial Airlines
During this time, cigarette smoking was allowed on commercial airlines!
1979: Cigars and Pipes banned on aircraft
1988: Smoking banned on US Domestic flights under 2 hours
1990: Smoking banned on US Domestic flights under 6 hours
1998: Smoking banned on all US Domestic flights
2000: Federal law banned smoking on all flights by US airlines.

When smoking was allowed, the aircraft had designated seating sections for “Smoking” and “Non-Smoking”. However, these sections had no partition or other separation to prevent cigarette smoke from traveling throughout the aircraft. Richard Randall was a “non-smoker” his entire life, so he always sought airline seats as far away from the “smoking” section as possible.

National Quality Assurance, USA

[Motorola MicroTAC Ultra Lite "flip" cell phone. Introduced on August 6, 1991.] After becoming an IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors) certified Quality Management Systems Auditor, Rick left General Electric in May, 1993, and accepted the position of Southeast Regional Director for NQA-USA (a Quality Management Systems Registrar). On September 11, 1993, he became IQA (International Register of Certified Auditors) certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor. It was during this time that NQA-USA provided him his first cell phone… a Motorola MicroTAC Ultra Lite “flip phone” (inspired by the TV series, Star Trek during the late '60s). It was also during this same time period, serving as a member of the NCSLI TQM “Committee for Calibration Services” – ANSI 174 Writing Committee (ASC Z540), he was a co-author of ANSI/NCSL Z540-1:1994 "American National Standard for Calibration - Calibration Laboratories and Measuring and Test Equipment - General Requirements".

Independent Quality Auditor & Consultant

During August, 1995, Richard Randall left NQA, USA to offer contract executive management services, management and quality system consulting, and independent auditing services that include:

  • Both short and long term executive management assignments on a contract basis (e.g., Quality Director / Operations Director) assisting organizations through transitions, new business start-ups, or assisting in maintaining effective quality management systems. Assignments included:
  1. Quality Specialist for Russell Marine Group [ISO 9001:2008 Registered by NQA, USA]
  2. Quality Director for Intertek Consumer Goods - Arlington Heights, IL [directing both Labtest Hardlines & Textiles laboratories through the achievement and maintenance of ISO 17025 accreditation from ACLASS - Intertek Consumer Goods also administers the JPMA Product Certification Program and is certified by the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission(CPSC)).
  3. Quality Director for Intertek Labtest - Springfield, NJ location (1998-2006) and Program Director for the Intertek Services SA8000 Certification Program - establishing operations in Asia, Europe & the Americas)
  4. Quality Coordinator for American Cargo Assurance (2009) [initially ISO 9001:2008 Registered by NQA, USA; now ISO 9001:2008 registered by QMI]
  5. Quality Director for bestroute.com [a new business start-up that achieved ISO 9002:1994 registration from Intertek Systems Certification]
  6. “Director & Subject Matter Expert” for “Clearaudit” (May 1, 2007 thru June 20, 2009)
  7. “Quality Director” for OkyDoky.com (Nov. 2011 thru Dec. 2014)

Management and quality system consulting. Activities typically include:

  • Assisting clients in:
  1. developing and refining their Business Model (incl. Strategic Planning)
  2. performing Value-Added Assessments of their Business Model
  3. developing and implementing effective cost/risk management systems
  4. developing Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery plans (e.g., ISO 22301)
  5. implementing LEAN management systems
  6. implementing SMART action plans
  • Making recommendations and assisting clients in re-engineering projects
  • Making recommendations and assisting clients in developing electronic (paperless) documentation systems (accessible on computers, iPads / Tablets, SmartPhones, etc.), such as:
  1. Web-based document / knowledge management systems (such as, “DokuWiki”, “EpiWare” DMS, “OpenDocMan”, “OpenKM” and “Owl”)
  2. LAN/WAN based document distribution systems (e.g., PDF, LibreOffice/OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel)
  3. eBook files (e.g., ePub)
  • Training of client personnel for internal auditing and quality system implementation
  • Advising clients of actions necessary to fully implement an ISO 9001, ISO 17020 or ISO 17025 compliant quality system. Current and past consulting clients include:
  1. Precision Metal Manufacturing [AS9100 registered by Orion]
  2. R&G Laboratories, Inc. [ISO 9001:2008 registered by NQA, USA]
  3. Russell Marine Group [ISO 9001:2008 registered by NQA. USA]
  4. Thionville Surveying Co. [ISO 9001:2008 registered by NQA, USA]
  5. Thionville Laboratories [ISO 17025 accredited by ACLASS]
  6. American Cargo Assurance [ISO 9001:2008 Registered by NQA, USA]
  7. Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratory [ISO 9001:2008 Registered by NQA, USA]
  8. ICQ (USA), Inc. (acquired by UL during 2012)[was ISO 17025 accredited by A2LA]
  9. ElectroRent [ISO 9001:2008 Registered by NQA, USA]
  10. Bell Microproducts [ISO 9001:2000 Registered by Intertek Systems Certification]
  11. Network Courier Services (now “Network Global Logistics”)[ISO 9001:2000 Registered by NQA, USA]
  12. Trademark Computer [ISO 9002:1994 Registered by NQA, USA]
  13. Morrison-Knudson Centennial Engineering
  14. MicroTyping
  • Performing ISO 9001 & AS9100 assessment and surveillance activities for registrars and ISO 17020 / 17025 accreditation bodies. Past and present registrars and accreditation bodies include:
  1. A2LA (ISO 17025)
  2. ABS Quality Evaluations (AS9100)
  3. ANAB (ACLASS) (ISO 17020 & ISO 17025)
  4. Intertek (Business Assurance) (ISO 9001 & AS9100)
  5. NQA-USA (ISO 9001 & AS9100)
  6. STR-R/UL (AS9100)
  7. VCA North America (ISO 9001)
  • Responsibilities include: Scheduling, planning and coordinating effective and efficient performance of pre-audit, assessment, surveillance, and re-assessment activities (i.e., auditors / assessment teams at multiple sites [per IAF MD1]) for a diverse variety of clients.
  • Making recommendations based upon information gathered during pre-audit, assessment, surveillance, and re-assessment visits (i.e., recommending the granting, continuance or withdrawal of registration) for various ISO 9001 / AS9100 registrars and ISO 17020 / ISO 17025 accreditation bodies
  • Performing marketing / sales presentations and advisory visits
  • Providing independent (internal) auditing services. Current and past clients include:
  1. Quality Auditing, LLC - Minneapolis, MN
  2. Intertek Consumer Goods - Arlington Heights, IL, Oak Brook, IL & Springfield, NJ locations

During an AS9100:2016 transition audit of NASA - Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center (Houston, TX) on January 29 - February 2, 2018, Richard Randall met Astronaut Rex Joseph Walheim, who presented him with a patch from his 3rd Space Shuttle flight, STS-135 (which was the 135th and final flight of the U.S. Space Shuttle program).


During early 1987 (prior to the NABET strike at NBC), Rick met and began dating Lee Ormond Wade (born May 30, 1964 in Jacksonville, FL) who was living with her mother, Dorothy Wade, in Stone Mountain, Georgia (her father, Henry Wade, was deceased). During June 1988, Rick & Lee began living together in an apartment (at 1915 Ashley Run Court, Norcross, Georgia 30092).

On June 9, 1990, Richard Randall (at age 31) married Lee Ormond Wade (at age 26) at “Toccoa Country Club” in Toccoa, Georgia. During their marriage they resided in an apartment located at 1915 Ashley Run Court, Norcross, GA 30092.

During a vacation with his wife, Lee, to Kona Beach on Kauai, Hawaii, Rick had his first SCUBA diving experience (with “King Kamehameha Divers”). Shortly afterward, Rick became a certified PADI Open Water Diver in 1992. While he rarely had the opportunity to SCUBA dive, he did dive off the coast of:

  • Panama City, FL (check-out dive for his PADI certification)
  • Cancun & Cozumel, Mexico (on a trip with his friend & former Norcross, GA room mate, Curtis Meyers)
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Grand Cayman (with his brother, Walter Mark Randall)
  • Jamaica

After 3 years of marriage, Richard Randall and Lee Ormond Wade separated… with Lee moving to a different apartment complex. When his apartment lease expired, Rick moved to the nicer Bridgewater apartments (at 425 Ridge Brook Trail, Duluth, GA 30136) on May 7, 1993. Richard Randall and Lee Ormond Wade divorced on July 20, 1994 (in DeKalb County, Georgia). There were no children from the marriage.

[20294 East Maplewood Place, Aurora, CO 80016-1276. Courtesy of Google Street View. Photo dated 2008.] Shiorty after his divorce, Rick met Monica Kathryn Hillier (Born 05/24/1958), who had recently moved to Atlanta from Long Beach, California. After his Bridgewater apartment lease expired, he and Monica rented a house together (at 210 Wilton Drive, Decatur, GA 30030-5104) on January 1, 1995. During August of 1995, Rick left NQA-USA and began his own business offering quality systems auditing and management consulting services. Later that same summer, Rick along with Monica Hillier, relocated to Aurora, Colorado where they purchased a home (at 20294 East Maplewood Place, Aurora, CO 80016-1276). Rick sold his car while still in Georgia rather than transport it to Denver. He and Monica shared her car for a couple of years (due to Monica being unemployed during this time). Rick then purchased a Subaru SVX for himself. Richard Randall (at age 38) and Monica Kathryn Hillier (age 39) were married on November 1, 1997 in Golden, Colorado. However, the marriage was amicably annulled on October 26, 2000 (as Monica requested an annulment rather than a divorce because there were no children involved). Monica received the house (at 20294 East Maplewood Place, Aurora, CO 80016-1276) through the divorce (and continued to live there). Rick continued to live in the same house for two months (until January 5, 2001), when he moved into a rental house a short distance away (at 17451 Bellwood Circle, Aurora, CO 80015), because he liked the area. Monica later sold her house in order to purchase a home in Broomfield, CO.

Life After Marriage

After marriage, Rick settled into what he described as “the happiest years” of his life.

While living in the rental house located in Aurora, CO, and becoming frustrated with the “bugginess” of Windows 98, Rick gravitated to using Mandrake Linux (which later became Mandriva Linux). Although he continued to use Microsoft Windows, where required by his clients, all of his personal work was done using Mandriva Linux.

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, Rick was performing an ISO 9001 audit at Agway Systems in Baton Rouge, LA. He and the company representatives watched, on a TV in their conference room, the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center (aka “Twin Towers”) unfold during the audit. Afterward, Rick drove to Dallas, TX hoping for a flight to Denver. Because all flights were grounded until further notice, he then drove his rental car home to Aurora, CO. A few flights resumed on Thursday… and ramped up to a few more flights on Friday (9/14/11).

On April 29, 2002, Rick moved to the Southwest of Denver where he shared a rented house with Eric Shoemaker & Sean Ayers (at 10432 Hyacinth Street, Littleton, CO 80129-5411).

On July 22, 2009, Richard C. Randall formed RRBG, Inc. (a Subchapter “S” Corporation based in Florida).

Shortly after the release of Windows 7 (on October 22, 2009), and upon news of Mandriva being discontinued, Eric Shoemaker encouraged Rick to “check out” an Apple MacBook Pro. Rick bought a used MacBook Pro 15” and duplicated the work he was normally performing on all 3 operating systems (Windows 7, Mandriva Linux & Apple OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard) to determine which was best. After one month, Windows 7 was clearly the most “buggy”. And while Mandriva Linux & Apple OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard were essentially “tied”, the difference came down to (1) the Apple computers were already optimized to extend battery life, and (2) Microsoft Office would run natively on Apple OS X. Rick transitioned all of his files to the MacBook Pro during December 2009. The decision to transition to the Apple MacBook was soon confirmed to be the correct one when Mandriva Linux was unexpectedly discontinued during 2011.

Introduction of the SmartPhone
In early 2007, Apple Inc. introduced the iPhone, the first true SmartPhone sold in the U.S. In October 2008, the first phone to use the Android OS, called the HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1) was released. Although Android's adoption was relatively slow at first, it started to gain widespread popularity in 2010, and in early 2012 dominated the smartphone market share worldwide. Rick bought his first SmartPhone (with a sliding QWERTY keyboard) during 2009/2010. However, by late 2012 he had switched to the iPhone 5.

During December 2009, Richard C. Randall became a RAB/QSA (now Exemplar Global) certified AS9100 (Aerospace) Auditor. On August 30, 2016, his AS9100 Aerospace Auditor certification transitioned to Probitas Authentication (Certificate No. 1619032756).

He continues offering quality systems auditor and management consultant services today.

Richard Randall began offering “Life Coach” counseling, and to enhance his skills in that area, he became a “Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming” (by “The NLP and Coaching Institute of Colorado”) on May 24, 2012. He then became a “Certified Life Coach” (by the “Life Coach Institute”) during March, 2013.

During April, 2016, Richard Randall (at age 57) was diagnosed with “Squamous Cell Carcinoma” (SCC) of the lingual tonsils, which are at the back of the tongue (not common, less than 0.5% of all cancers), with a 80%-90% cure rate. Beginning on May 9, 2016, he was treated with 7 weeks of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and 3 rounds or Chemotherapy (Cisplatin). On September 9, 2016, his Oncologists reported that his most recent PET scan (from Sept. 1, 2016) was clear of any cancer cells.


Shortly after ISO 9001:1994 was released (during June 1994), a publisher approached the President of NQA, USA, James (Jamie) O'Neil, about writing a book on ISO 9001. Jamie had no interest in a book project (as he was busy building NQA, USA), so he introduced the publisher to Rick. With his divorce from Lee Ormond Wade final, Rick took on the project writing a book titled, “Randall's Practical Guide to ISO 9000” (ISBN 0-201-63379-5), on the subject of implementing an ISO 9000 compliant quality management system. The book was originally published in May, 1995 by Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. (who later became Addison-Wesley-Longman). The book later became part of the Prentice-Hall “Professional Technical Reference” library (when Prentice-Hall acquired Addison-Wesley-Longman), but is no longer in print.

“Randall's Practical Guide to ISO 9000” established Richard C. Randall as an authority on ISO 9000. This led to Rick becoming a Consulting Editor for the 1997 edition of “The Quality Yearbook” published by McGraw-Hill, Inc., as well as a contributor to the second edition (1997) and third edition (2009) of “The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology”, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

“Randall's Practical Guide to ISO 9000” (ISBN 0-201-63379-5) published May, 1995. "The Quality Yearbook" 1997 Edition. "The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology" 2nd Edition "The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology" 3rd Edition

Serving as a member of the NCSLI TQM “Committee for Calibration Services” – ANSI 174 Writing Committee (ASC Z540), Randall was also a co-author of:

Political career

[Richard Clarke Randall at the 2008 Libertarian Party National Convention (in Denver, CO) May 22–26, 2008 (age 49).] Frustrated with the choices offered by the two major political parties, Rick researched and first identified himself as a Libertarian in 1994. After moving to Colorado, he befriended Travis Lee Nicks, who would later serve as State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado (LPCO). On November 2, 2001, he began to take politics more seriously through becoming a supporting (donating) member of the National Libertarian Party. Then, both Richard Randall and Travis Nicks began their political activism serving as volunteers for Ralph Shnelvar, the Libertarian candidate for Colorado Governor in 2002. Shnelvar and his running mate, Desiree Hackett Hickson, earned 20,547 votes (1.43% of the total votes cast).

The following year, Nicks first ran for public office in a recall election for Arapahoe County Clerk (in Colorado). Richard Randall served as Nick's Logistics Coordinator. Shnelvar also volunteered to work on the campaign as Media Director. While Nicks did not win the election, the experience inspired both Richard Randall and Travis Nicks to become more involved with the Libertarian Party.

During May, 2004, Richard C. Randall was elected to serve as the Legislative Director for the Libertarian Party of Colorado. Impressed with his professionalism, the vacancy committee for the LPCO convinced Richard Randall to run for the United States Senate in the 2004 elections. Waging a modest campaign, Rick placed fourth in the race behind American Constitution Party (ACP) candidate, Douglas “Dayhorse” Campbell. On election night (Nov. 2, 2004), Randall and his supporters awaited the election results with political activist and heavy metal rocker, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, at the Fillmore in Denver, Colorado (where Megadeth performed that evening).

Election results for 2004 Colorado U.S. Senate Race

Candidate Party Vote total %
Ken L. Salazar DEM 1,081,178 50.36%
Pete H. Coors REP 980,668 45.67%
Douglas “Dayhorse” Campbell ACP 18,782 0.87%
Richard C. Randall LIB 10,160 0.47%

Richard Randall personally recruited Dawn Winkler-Kinateder (co-founder of HAPI - Health Advocacy in the Public Interest) to seek the Libertarian Party of Colorado nomination for Governor in 2006. Upon her nomination, she recruited Richard Randall to run as her Lieutenant Governor of Colorado. After waging a much more aggressive campaign than Rick had in 2004, the team placed third in the race; and improved upon the total percentage of votes cast for the Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate in 2002 (from 1.43% to 1.50%).

Election results for 2006 Colorado Gubernatorial Race

Candidates Party Vote total %
Bill Ritter Jr./Barbara O'Brien DEM 888,096 56.99%
Bob Beauprez/Janet Rowland REP 625,886 40.16%
Dawn Winkler-Kinateder/Richard Randall LIB 23,323 1.50%

At the Libertarian Party of Colorado State Convention in 2006, Richard Randall was re-elected to continue serving as Legislative Director. He also attended the 2006 Libertarian National Convention in Portland, OR.

During his terms as Legislative Director (2004-2008), Richard Randall was able to coordinate multiple campaigns to defeat several “anti-freedom” bills introduced to the Colorado General Assembly. He was a registered lobbyist and, in many instances, testified before various committees in the Colorado General Assembly. He was also regularly invited to be a guest on several Colorado radio stations discussing the various bills in the legislature.

Prior to completing his term, he recruited personal injury attorney, David K. Williams, to seek that office at the 2008 LPCO state convention. After completing his second term on the Libertarian Party of Colorado Board of Directors, he stepped down from that position at the Libertarian Party of Colorado State Convention in 2008. During that convention, Rick was nominated to be the Libertarian Party of Colorado candidate for United States Senate. Because he had not considered running for that office, Rick declined the nomination and instead asked for a vote of confidence from the body - which he received. Before the end of the state convention, Rick was urged by the Treasurer, Leah Kelley, to seek the position of Media Director due to the National Libertarian Party convention held May 23–26, 2008 at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel (formerly the Adam’s Mark Hotel) in Denver, Colorado (the same city as the very first Libertarian Party National Convention in 1972). Rick agreed and was elected to complete a mid-term vacancy as Media Director (which expired in May of 2009).

During the 2008 National Libertarian Party Convention in Denver, CO (May 22–26, 2008) Rick was urged by the Colorado delegation to seek an “At Large” position on the Libertarian National Committee (LNC). Randall agreed and ran for that position. He received endorsement speeches from Michael Jingozian (who had just been elected to serve as the Vice-Chair of the LNC) and Joe Johnson (former “Trustee” for the city of Frederick, Colorado). However, Randall was defeated in that race.

During his time serving on the LPCO Board of Directors, Randall also served as Chair of the LPCO Platform Committee during 2006-2007, 2007-2008 & 2008-2009. In December, 2008, he was appointed to serve as the LPCO representative on the LP National Platform Committee (which presented their report at the Libertarian National Convention in St. Louis, MO on May 28-31 2010). Rick was then appointed to serve as an “At Large” member on the LP National Platform Committee (which presented their report at the Libertarian National Convention in Las Vegas, NV on May 4–6, 2012).

Although no longer active in politics, Richard Clarke Randall remained a registered Libertarian in Florida until January 30, 2017.

Due to a number of contributing factors relating to his undergoing cancer treatment and changes in the Libertarian Party (embracing more anarchist positions), Richard Clarke Randall withdrew his financial support from the National Libertarian Party during June 2016.

And about 6 months later, due to dissatisfaction with the Libertarian Party Presidential candidate (Gary Johnson), who seemed more passionate about legitimizing illegal immigrants than restoring freedoms to U.S. citizens (Gary Johnson also struggled with his position on “freedom of association” when asked by Glenn Beck about whether a conservative Christian bakery should be forced to make a “same-sex” wedding cake), as well as changes in both the Libertarian Party and the Republican Party, Richard Clarke Randall changed his voter registration to declare his affiliation with the Republican Party of Florida on January 30, 2017. One of the main contributing factors was Donald Trump promoting as many… if not more, libertarian positions than the Libertarian Presidential candidate had. Interestingly… with this change some would say that he switched from being a “conservative Libertarian” to a “libertarian Conservative”. This highlights the absurdity of these two terms… because in reality, his positions didn't change at all! Only his party registration.

During August / September 2011, the “GooGoo Dolls” had a contest for fans submitting “One Take” (un-edited) videos of their songs. Ana Holbrook asked Richard C. Randall to play guitar for her videos submissions. The first was “Acoustic #3” (filmed in Black & White“ by Eric Shoemaker). This video won enough votes (from other fans) for Ana to submit a second video, “Here is gone”. The “Here is gone” video was shot by Ana's husband, Cody Holbrook, and was judged by the ”GooGoo Dolls“ band. The video did not win the contest.

Pedigree Chart for Richard Clarke Randall (Unconfirmed)

Liegey, Paul R. (16 October 2001), Hedonic Quality Adjustment Methods For Microwave Ovens In the U.S. CPI, Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Department of Labor, retrieved 5 October 2013

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