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Charles Smith Wilkins


Son of James Wilkins and Arabella Smith Marrow, Charles Smith Wilkins was born September 26, 1755 in Lunenburg, Virginia.1)

There is sometimes confusion over his mother and grandmother. His grandmother, named Arabella Gromarrin, had married his grandfather, Luke Smith. After Luke Smith died, she married Daniel Marrow.

On September 13, 1764 (at age 18), Charles Smith Wilkins married Mary Thompson (who was born in Norfolk, Virginia during 1746). Mary died during 1777.

Charles Smith Wilkins MAY have married Frances Jones on September 15, 1774, in Norfolk, Virginia, when he was 34 years old.

Charles Smith Wilkins served in the American Revolutionary War with the 4th Virginia Regiment - Continental Line, where he achieved the rank of Colonel.

On June 22, 1795, Charles Smith Wilkins married Elizabeth Puryear (born about 1775), daughter of Seymour Puryear (b. abt. 1750 - d. April 1788) and Sarah Royster Puryear (b. abt. 1754 - d. December 1803) of Mecklenburg, Virginia.

The “Puryear” Surname also appears as “Preyer”.

Charles Smith Wilkins (at age 40) and Elizabeth Puryear (at age 20) were married on June 22, 1795 in Mecklenburg, Virginia. They had “believed” to have had the following children:

  1. Drury Wilkins (b. 1797 in VA - D. 1834 in Jasper, GA)2)
  2. Smith Wilkins (b. July 3, 1798 in Rutherford, North Carolina - d. August 29, 1836 in Cleveland, Bradley, Tennessee) 3)
  3. Mariah Wilkins (b. April 7, 1799 in Rutherford Co., North Carolina - d. March 21, 1842 in Cleveland Co., North Carolina)4)
  4. Susanna W. Wilkins (b. January 6, 1800 in Rutherford, North Carolina - d. Oct. 4, 1874 in Franklin County, Georgia)5) Susanna married Oney Cypress Randal.
  5. Zachariah Wilkins (b. abt. 1801 in Rutherford, North Carolina - d. between 1850 to 1860 in Forsyth, Georgia)
  6. Reuben Wilkins (b. September 4, 1804 in Rutherford, North Carolina - d. August 9, 1840 in McMinn, Tennessee)6)
  7. Elizabeth Price Wilkins-Scruggs (b. February 5, 1806 in Spartanburg, South Carolina - d. September 25, 1886 in Chattanooga, Hamilton, Tennessee)7)
  8. Hezekiah Wilkins (b. about 1807 in Rutherford, North Carolina - d. December 1880 in Etowah, Floyd, Georgia)8)
  9. Mariah Wilkins (b. April 4, 1810 in Rutherford, North Carolina - d. April 26, 1836 in Rutherford, North Carolina)9)
  10. Joseph-Josiah Wilkins (b. April 4, 1810 in Rutherford, North Carolina - d. March 15, 1878 in Denton, Texas)10)
  11. Anderson Smith Wilkins (May 29, 1812 in Rutherford, North Carolina - d. May 14, 1889 in Chickarnaugua, Hamilton, Tennessee)11)
  12. John Puryear Wilkins (b. October 1, 1813 in Rutherford, North Carolina - d. September 11, 1814 in Rutherford, North Carolina)12)
  13. Harriett F. Wilkins /Eskridge (b. September 5, 1815 in Rutherford, North Carolina - d. August 21, 1844 in Rutherford, North Carolina)13)

Charles Smith Wilkins died March 12, 1817 in Boiling Springs, Rutherford, North Carolina. He was buried in the Wilkins-Blanton Cemetery, Cleveland County, North Carolina.14)

Elizabeth Puryear Wilkins died July 4, 1837 in Boiling Springs, Rutherford, North Carolina. She was buried in the Wilkins-Blanton Cemetery, Cleveland County, North Carolina.15)


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