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Shirley Patricia "Patt" Ann Brady

Daughter of Ernest Lawton Brady (Aug. 8, 1918 - Sept. 3, 1987) and Nettie Irene Simmons-Brady (Aug. 25, 1915 - Aug. 13, 1999), Shirley Patricia Ann Brady, known to friends and family as “Patt”, was born in Elbert County, Georgia on June 9, 1938.

Halloween & Trick or Treating
Celebrating Halloween through “Trick or Treating” was still in its infancy when Patt was a child. While widespread today, prior to the 1930's “Trick or Treating” did not exist! And not everyone embraced the idea of rewarding costumed kids “begging” for “treats”. Among them was Patt's mother, Irene Simmons Brady, who discouraged her daughters (Patt and Delores) from participating in “Trick or Treating”. Consequently, as children, neither Patt or Delores ever went “Trick or Treating”. However, by the early 1960s, “Trick or Treating” had become mainstream; and both Patt and Delores allowed their children to enjoy “Trick or Treating”. Always wanting to do something “special” for her grandsons, Irene Simmons Brady “tolerated” Halloween through giving candies to her grandchildren. While Delores still lived with her, if other children came to her door, she would have Delores hand out the candies. After Delores moved out, she did not give candies to other neighborhood children who might come to her door.

[At age 17, Patt Brady was the Head Majorette at Toccoa High School. Also pictured (forefront) is Suzanne Smith, (through marriage became Suzanne Smith-Crow) who later taught [[richard_clarke_randall|Richard Clarke Randall's]] "English" class at Stephens County High School.]

After graduating from Toccoa High School, Patt attended the University of Georgia for one quarter. Unfortunately, she only passed two classes… Band & P.E. Upon learning this, her father, Ernest Lawton Brady, saw no point in paying for her to “re-take” classes. Patt moved back home (to Toccoa) and began working at WABCO (Westinghouse Airbrake, Co. – Owned by American Standard) in Toccoa, GA. Patt worked in the “Transportation” Dept.

After returning home, Patt asked her Father, Ernest Lawton Brady, to buy her a horse. He bought her her a horse named “Tarzan”.


Shortly after she beagn working at WABCO, she met Walter Clarke Randall, who worked in the Cost Accounting Dept.

On October 18, 1957, Shirley Patricia “Patt” Ann Brady (age 19) married Walter Clarke Randall (age 22). They initially living in a 2-story apartment building, while they both continued working at WABCO.

After having “Tarzan” for about 5 or 6 months, at age 19, Patt rode him in the 1957 Toccoa “Christmas Parade” with her Father, Ernest Lawton Brady, (they were with no particular group; anyone with a horse could ride in the parade). Tarzan had been trained, as a performance horse, to rear and walk on his hind legs. Prior to the parade, Patt had shown little interest in horses, riding “Tarzan” only about once a month. So it is unknown exactly what happened… whether “Tarzan” had no respect for her as a rider or she inadvertently gave the command, but during the beginning of the parade “Tarzan” reared and walked on his hand legs to the front of the group! There is a difference of opinion as to whether Patt fell off “Tarzan” or he “threw” her off (onto the street). An embarrassed Patt led “Tarzan” to her husband, Walter Clarke Randall (who was in a 3-piece suit), for him to ride back to the stable. The stable was slightly over 1 mile away from the parade site, and Clarke recalled that every time “Tarzan” would slow down, he would “kick” him in the ribs to keep going (so that “Tarzan” would remember the “consequences” of throwing a rider). Patt never got on “Tarzan” again. Consequently, Ernest Lawton Brady sold “Tarzan” a few months later (during early 1958). This was fine by Patt… and Clarke had enough of paying for feed & vet services.

During 1958, “Patt” was “laid-off” from WABCO. Clarke then quit WABCO so that he could work at “Brady Welding” (owned by by his father-in-law, Ernest Brady) performing cost accounting and welding. They then moved into a 1 bedroom, 1 bath room, house above the Welding shop (owned by Ernest Brady).

Walter Clarke Randall and Shirley Patricia “Patt” Ann Brady had two sons:

  1. Richard Clarke Randall (b. January 17, 1959)
  2. Walter Mark Randall (b. August 26, 1963)

Patt's father, Ernest Brady, gave the couple a plot of land located 1 block away from the welding shop. Clarke designed and had a house built upon the land - sitting atop a hill overlooking the house that Ernest and Irene Brady lived in at that time. In January, 1964 (shortly after Walter Mark Randall was born), they moved into the new house, located at: 158 Patsy Drive, Toccoa, Georgia 30577.

When her sister, Delores Brady, was about 17 years old (about 1964), Patt and Delores began a tradition of driving to Clemson, SC & Anderson, SC to shop at their Malls (e.g., J.C. Penny) the day after Thanksgiving.

During the 1970s, Patt began attending Jazzercise classes in Toccoa. She loved Jazzercise so much that she became a Jazzercise Instructor.


After retirement (approx. 1997), Clarke and Patt purchased an RV to travel across the U.S. (Sept. 1997), where they eventually settled for five years in Key West, FL (at 6700 Maloney Avenue, Key West, FL 33040). Unfortunately, the medication for his heart arrhythmia became ineffective, forcing him to have a heart pace-maker.


During their time in Key West, FL, Patt had begun developing some early symptoms associated with dementia. Patt's condition was diagnosed as "Lewy Body Dementia". Clarke and Patt sold the RV and returned to Toccoa where they rented an apartment (in a complex called “Andrew's Apartments”). A short time later, Patt entered the Clary Care Center (at Stephens County Hospital) where she died on Sept. 28, 2006 (at age 68) from complications associated with Lewy Body Dementia.

Shirley Patricia “Patt” Ann Brady-Randall (b. June 9, 1938 – d. Sept. 28, 2006)1), was the daughter of Ernest Lawton Brady (b. Aug. 8, 1918 – d. Sept. 3, 1987 at age 69)2) and Nettie Irene Simmons Brady (b. Aug. 29, 1915 – d. Aug. 13, 1999 at age 83 from complications associated with Alzheimer's disease)3).

[Obituary for "Patt" Randall (June 9, 1938 – Sept. 28, 2006). Published in "[[http://www.thetoccoarecord.com/|The Toccoa Record]]" newspaper on Oct. 3, 2006.]

[“Patricia Brady Randall, June 9, 1938 – September 28, 2006, Wife of: W. Clarke Randall, Sons: Richard C. Randall, W. Mark Randall")]

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Name Ancestors Relationship Photo
Shirley Patricia Ann Brady
Ernest Lawton Brady Shirley Patricia Ann Brady (1918-1987) Father
Nettie Irene Simmons Shirley Patricia Ann Brady (1915-1999) Mother
James Franklin Mealer Brady Ernest Lawton Brady (1879-1944) Grand Father
Emma Cordelia Simmons Ernest Lawton Brady (1882-1966) Grand Mother
Russell Oscar Simmons Nettie Irene Simmons (1894-1952) Grand Father
Maude Louella Crenshaw Nettie Irene Simmons (1893–1976) Grand Mother
James Elias Brady James Franklin Mealer Brady Great Grand Father
Rebecca J. Mealer James Franklin Mealer Brady Great Grand Mother
Mack David Crenshaw Maude Louella Crenshaw Great Grand Father
Julia Etta Bennett Maude Louella Crenshaw (1875–?) Great Grand Mother
Richard Melvin Simmons Russell Oscar Simmons (1852–1927) Great Grand Father
Martha Etta Segers Russell Oscar Simmons (1858–1946) Great Grand Mother
James Willis Simmons Richard Melvin Simmons (1816-1864) Great, Great Grand Father
Catherine Smith Richard Melvin Simmons (1815-1901) Great, Great Grand Mother
James Dean Brady James Elias Brady (1842-?) Great, Great Grand Father
Mahula N. Brown James Elias Brady (1856-1881) Great, Great Grand Mother
Martin Segers Martha Etta Segers Great, Great Grand Father
Mary Bradley Martha Etta Segers Great, Great Grand Mother
James Simmons James Willis Simmons Great, Great, Great Grand Father
Elizabeth Dearmore James Willis Simmons (1776-1854) Great, Great, Great Grand Mother
Matthew Maler Mealer Rebecca J. Mealer (1829-1898) Great, Great Grand Father
Arletta Lettie “Bug” Smith Rebecca J. Mealer Great, Great Grand Mother
William Maler Mealer Matthew Maler Mealer Great, Great, Great Grand Father
Sarah Welch Matthew Maler Mealer Great, Great, Great Grand Mother
Samuel Smith Catherine Smith Great, Great, Great Grand Father
Alice Maddox Catherine Smith (1780-?) Great, Great, Great Grand Mother
Abraham Smith Samuel Smith Great, Great, Great, Great Grand Father
Ann Marr Samuel Smith Great, Great, Great, Great Grand Mother

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